I love my good little


for it, I collected everythings I can. You want some links for programs? Here they are:
The archive ot the univercity of Michigam at very fast speed !!!
Tons of disks in ATR format.
Some ATARI 8bit emulators for PC? Let's go...
The newsgoup of the ATARI 8 bit.

Here is my list in WORKS 3 format.
I have recently copy all the YOGI (Charles)'s site; I do my best to put all the new disks in my own .(where is it now ???)

Some interresting sites ?
a superb deutch's site (in english) (by Marek Tomczyk)
Atari's caracteristics (in french) (by Philippe Dubois)
lot of infos about atari (by Yvan Von Poorten)
the ANTIC magazine in electronic version don't miss it !!!

Everybody know that space is limited so the few games are in ATR format but compressed by PKZIP
(he! somes diks have more. It's the "BONUX" gifth!!! Good "found")

My list in ATR

ATARI Striptease



The Dallas Quest

since 01/11/97

archon/pitfall II


miner2049/jungle hunt



And, if you need the atari's ROMs to run your emulator (and, SHIT !, you don't have it), just click here and, voila...